Tecres Spacere

Gentamycin og Vancomycin baserte spasere for hofter, knær og skulder. Godt dokumentert og brukt ved flere sykehus i Norge.


Vancogenx-Space devices are the exclusive preformed spacers that bring together the extraordinary mechanical

and pharmacological characteristics of Tecres spacers and the efficacy of the Vancomycin-Gentamicin combination.

They are indicated for temporary artificial joint replacement when prosthetic joints require

removal due to sepsis.

The microbiological efficacy of Vancogenx-Space devices can be attributed to the

special production process developed by Tecres that increases the device’s

porosity without compromising its mechanical performance.(8)

This permits antibiotic release that is:

• sustained and high-dose

• calibrated

• superior to that achieved with theatre-made devices using antibiotic-loaded bone cement.